Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego November 2008 – SECRETARY

Welcome Art Monkeys to our new home at the fabulous Ruby Room in Hillcrest! For our first official Ruby Room session, Mynx D’Meanor of the Fishnet Follies Burlesque Revue essayed poses in honor of a favorite kink classic, the 2002 film Secretary.

Our art monkeys adapted well to their new environment.

Reverend Dick lent Mynx a, ahem…hand with the poses

The models choose the winner of the “Best Portrait in Red Sharpie” contest. Don’t get it? You must see the film!

The proud winner of a set of colored Sharpies…

And a shot, of course.

Mynx really lost herself in the role.

Some entries in the “Mynx in Bondage” contest

The winner gets a “Pimp my cubicle” playset and humorous sticky notes…just the thing to distract your mind from the soul-sucking tedium that is office work!

Give that girl a hand, she deserves it!

Special thanks to Sean, Paul and Brittany at the Ruby Room, Mynx D’Meanor and Reverend Dick of Fishnet Follies, and our Art Monkeys!


2 responses to “Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego November 2008 – SECRETARY

  1. OMG I adore you guys! This is so cool!

  2. had a blast! Mynx captures the essence of the scorching hot Secretary – thank you Miss Holloway –

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