Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego May 2009 – THE SAN DIEGO DERBY STARLETTES

It’s time to roll! The San Diego Derby Starlettes (of the San Diego Roller Derby League) posed in a sporty spice session

In today’s match – Velvet Klaw!

Mosquito Bandito!

Rosy Lee Ristaker!

Red Hot Penni!

and Holly Car Brader!

The girls showed their softer side and got all pinup-y

Photographer Monkey Matt was strong armed, I mean, volunteered to be the “Human Canvas” for one of our wacky contests. One art monkey drew the lovely Holly Car Brader on his back, one on his front, and the winner was chosen by applause-o-meter

The worthy runner-up!

The winnah!!

Va va voom!

Special thanks to the San Diego Roller Derby League lovelies from the San Diego Derby Starlettes!  And to the North Park Craft Mafia for donating some cool prizes!

Some awesome sketches from our art monkeys! Check out more in our Flickr photo pool.

dr. sketchys San Diego


San Diego Derby Starlette


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