Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego June 2009 – BARBARELLA

In June, San Diego art monkeys got a double dose of late 1960s sexy sci-fi cheese!

On June 4, Dr. Sketchy’s was invited by the groovy folks at MoPA to hold a mini sketch class during their POP Thursdays Barbarella-themed party. The lovely LEIA posed in MoPA’s lobby, compelling party-goers to grab a pad and capture her intergalactic bodaciousnes.

Lucky monkeys! That’s wasn’t all! Leia reprises her role at our regular session on June 20, with Barbarella playing at the bar, music from the soundtrack playing, and pictures of beautiful blind angel Pygar decorating the stage!

Entries in the “best drawing with your non-dominant hand” contest

The lovely Amelia wins again!

Presto – Barbarella is replaced with the Great Tyrant. “Pretty, pretty, pretty…”

We dragged Ruby Room co-owner Paul onstage to judge the “round robin” contests (teams of 4 art monkeys traded pads every 5 minutes).

Congrats to the winnas! Mmmm…booze.

Farewell art monkeys! We didn’t find Durand Durand, but it was awesome!

Some amazing sketches from our monkeys…Check out more in our flickr pool, and upload yours!

David Lozeau

Jeff Amante


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