Dr Sketchy’s San Diego July 2009 – Scarlett Takes Manhattan

For our Comic Con 2009/2nd anniversary special session, we brought characters from Dr. Sketchy‘s founder Molly Crabapple‘s first graphic novel, Scarlet Takes Manhattan, to life!

The inimitable Lady Borgia was perfect as the late 1800’s New York bowery orphan turned burlesque fire-eating superstar Scarlett O’Herring.

Molly Crabapple was in town to host this special session.

Scarlett’s (pantomimed) fire-eating skills were on display.

Molly greets legendary Playboy cartoonist Doug Sneyd during a break.

Scarlett is joined on stage by her lover Daniel D’Lovely.

Molly adjudicates the “thought balloon” contest.

Looks like Red Sonja wandered into the session. Gotta love Con weekend!

Lady Borgia as Scarlett graced us with a special performance, danced to the Two Man Gentleman Band’s single “Scarlett Takes Manhattan.”

Adieu for another year from Molly Crabapple…til next Con!

This session turned out to be a Dr. Sketchy’s reunion! That’s yours truly Miss Lily in the middle, and from left to right, Bob from Dr. Sketchy’s LA (and our fabulous sponsor, Baby Tattoo Books), Joe from Dr. Sketchy’s Pittsburgh, founder and NYC hostess Molly Crabapple, Aaron and Alexis from Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore, and Tinky Sparkle from Dr. Sketchy’s San Francisco.


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