Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego August 2009 – Tiki Oasis

In August, Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego was honored to be a part of TIKI OASIS, the largest gathering on Earth devoted to all things tiki!

Our models were the gorgeous Ophelia Handful and Mama Bodessa of Sultry Savage Burlesque. Ophelia Handful got the party started.

Two brave art monkeys stepped up to participate in the “Chug a mai tai then draw with your non-dominant hand” contest!

Mama Bodessa takes the stage

Ophelia poses for the “Draw the model being sacrificed to a volcano god” contest.

Ophelia judges depictions of her sacrificial volcano demise

A particularly awesome runner-up

Art monkeys take a booze break and check out the Tiki Oasis classic car show outside

Sugar from a bit o’ burlesque makes a cameo.

Is that Mimi LeMeaux?!

Contestant draw in the “best depiction of the model with a tiki idol head” contest

Some notable entrants

Goodbye Tiki Oasis! Special thanks to Tiki Oasis coordinator Baby Doe and all of her kick ass volunteers! Check out some sketches from our Flickr Sketchy Stream group from Jeff Amante.





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