Dr. Sketchy’s November 2009 – ART STAR – David Russell Talbott

Hello lovely and cultured art monkeys! In November we hosted our first ART STAR session, focusing on the work of a local artist. We were honored to have David Russell Talbott showing his art and meeting our sketchers while the gorgeous Jolie Goodnight of Hell on Heels Burlesque struck poses inspired by his paintings (Check out the songs used at this session on our Playlists page). Here’s David, looking very arty…

David’s work is inspired by film stars of the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s and images of Americana and consumerism of the 50s. First, Jolie posed as the ultimate 50s icon Marilyn Monroe from David’s painting “Hollywood Eats It’s Own”.

We judge the pre-Thanksgiving “Draw Jolie with a turkey” contest

Jolie gives us a hand and judges the “Draw Jolie as Overdosed Marilyn” contest

Happy Birthday Mr. President!!

Next, Jolie posed as this sexy and dangerous dame from David’s painting “Wake Up and Die”.

Goodbye cruel world!

Thanks to all our beautiful art monkeys, Jolie Goodnight, the Ruby Room and David Russell Talbott! Below is a kick-ass drawing from David presented to your sketchy hosts Lily and Matt, plus some other fruits of this session. Don’t forget to upload scans of your sketches to our FLICKR group HERE!




One response to “Dr. Sketchy’s November 2009 – ART STAR – David Russell Talbott

  1. So cool, Lily and Jolie did an amazing job with the outfits, wigs, props, poses, everything! Very impressed and so sorry I missed it ’cause I was sick. Looks like the artists had a good time, too.

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