Dr. Sketchy’s January 2010 – Totally 80s

Members of a bit o’ burlesque got their Wang Chung on in our January session – TOTALLY 80S!! (from left to right, Peaches, Molly, Sugar and Spencer).

We started the day with a little aerobics – Jane Fonda would be proud!

Molly gives Jennifer Beals a run for her money.

Our art monkeys truly appreciate the jumbo sized brews served up at Ruby Room!

Draw with your non-dominant hand contest…

The winner gets a shot o’ booze!

Spencer consults his Preppy Handbook (1980) for the next look.

Giving me flashbacks to the evil preppy kids in Pretty in Pink.

An 80s kid had to have her Cabbage Patch doll!

Not detention again Mr. Vernon!

“Draw the models as 80s yuppies” contest

Hair band contest!! Pour some sugar on me!

Goodbye art monkeys! Thanks to you, a bit o’ burlesque and the Ruby Room for making this session TOTALLY RAD!

Check out sketches from this session and other in our Flickr pool.



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