Dr. Sketchy’s February 2010 – Luscious Librarians

Shhh…It’s no problem following the rules when the librarians look like this! Hell on Heels Burlesque Revue helped us celebrate Library Lover’s Month. Our first smart and sexy librarian was the bewitching Raven F’Moore.

Raven F’Moore makes the Dewey Decimal System sexy!

Aaron, a brave book lover from the audience, volunteers to be the Human Canvas for our first contest.

Winner by applause-o-meter…will it be the back?

or the front?

The talented winner gets a shot o’ booze!!

Next, the lovely Ginger N. Whiskey and Chou Chou La Rouge get studious!

“Draw the librarians as dominatrix punishing a patron for late fees” contest

The winner got a grab bag of goodies, including that timeless literary classic “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Chou Chou gets a keepsake from our own Tony Magpantay.

Next, Martini Bombshell is ready to catalogue and shelve!

Art Monkeys are asked to draw Martini Bombshell as an Elizabethan lady.

So long everyone! And remember…reading is fundamental!


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