Dr. Sketchy’s April 2010 – Anime Girls

San Diego art monkeys got a double dose of anime in April!

First, we were honored to be a part of San Diego’s first ever dedicated anime convention, Anime Conji. Special thanks to the organizers (‘specially you Hector!) for their hospitality.

Burlesque superstar Lady Borgia took to the stage as a pink coiffed warrior woman.

Artist/model Leia is up next as a mechanical girl with fuzzy floppy ears. Super duper manga excellent happy fun time!!

Winner of the “Draw the model with a furry cute anime creature like Pikachu or similar” contest!

Thanks again to the great folks at Anime Conji! They are already planning for 2011. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and their website.

A week later, it was back to the fabulous Ruby Room for our regular session. Leia started off the second dose of anime sketchiness.

“Draw the model anime style” contest

Next, Lady Borgia brings pink fury!

Jake graciously agrees to be the surface in our “human canvas” contest

Two anime cuties take the stage for the last set.

“Draw model(s) with super cute furry anime creature” contest redux.

Sonayara art monkeys! Enjoy some sketches from April in our Flickr group!








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