April 2009 Playlist – Mija Macabre in “A Goth Alice in Wonderland”
May 2009 Playlist – The San Diego Derby Starlettes
June 2009 Playlist – Leia poses as Barbarella
July 2009 Playlist – Special Comic Con session – Lady Borgia poses as the title character of Molly Crabapple’s first graphic novel, “Scarlett Takes Manhattan”
August 2009 Playlist – Special Tiki Oasis session with Ophelia Handful and Mama Bodessa
September 2009 Playlists – Rob poses in 3 hunky looks, Cowboy, Caveman and Leather
October 2009 Playlist – The Renegade Rollergirls of San Diego in a “Monster Mash on Wheels”
November 2009 Playlist – ART STAR session featuring local artist David Russell Talbott and Jolie Goodnight of Hell on Heels Burlesque
December 2009 Playlist – STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL – Trista and Mynx D’Meanor pose as Princess Leia
January 2010 Playlist – a bit o’ Burlesque poses in our Totally 80s session
February 2010 Playlist – Hell on Heels Burlesque Review posed as sexy librarians
April 2010 Playlist – Caburlesque Kittens as PRETTY KITTIES