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A note from Nikki plus no sessions in March or April. Next session: May 21.

There will be no sessions in March or April. Next session is May 21 .

A note from Nikki…

Dearest art monkeys,

I am stepping down as director of the San Diego branch as I’m going on a wild, outrageous adventure for an indefinite amount of time away from San Diego. (I’m going to be a traveling gypsy for a bit and build up my freelance creative business and work and travel). It has been a pleasure and an absolute blast to spend time with you all over the last 6 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope you had as much fun as I did! I’d love to keep in touch and if there’s anything I can help you with in the future, let me know. If you want to get in touch with me (and/or follow my adventures), you can:
-find my contact info here
-subscribe to my personal mailing list here
-follow me on Instagram here, Pinterest here and Twitter here
-and, soon, you’ll be able to find me on Facebook here

The great news is that Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego will keep going on strong and with a new (but old – you’ll see what I mean) team looking after you. You will now be in the very capable hands of: the original founder of the San Diego branch (and director from 2007-2010), Lily Jackson;  our very own San Diego branch photographer, Matthew Hohlfeld, and, my lovely assistant (and model!), Jacquie Witt. So it’s a new team running the show but they’ve all been with Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego before. You’re going to continue having good times and great Dr. Sketchy’s fun with them! Remember, there will be no sessions in March or April. The next session will be May 21. If you have any questions, you can email drsketchysandiego@gmail.com, get the latest info here on the website and join the Facebook group here to keep connected.

Like I said, it’s been a blast, dahlings, and I hope you’ll stay in touch!


Thank you lovelies handwritten

No regular session in December + gift certificates and private events

Dearest art monkeys, there will be no regular session in December.

Awww, we know you’re going to miss us (we’ll miss you too!) but here are a few ways to get your Dr. Sketchy’s fix while you wait for our January session. Did you know…
Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School San Diego. www.drsketchysandiego.com
We do:
gift certificates 
private event bookings
event styling and party decor?

Indeed we do! Here’s the scoop:

Gift Certificates:
A gift certificate from Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School San Diego is the perfect gift for your art inclined friends and family and for you – put it on your own holiday wishlist and tell everyone! Gift certificates can be used towards our sessions, private event bookings, our event styling and party decor services and more.

Our gift certificates are available in the denomination of your choice (from $5 to $5,000 or more – you choose!). We can do e-certificates or one-of-a-kind hand lettered certificates. Contact us to make the arrangements. Or you can buy $50 gift certificates here right away.

Private Event Bookings:
You can book your own private Dr. Sketchy’s session! Perfect for celebrating any of those special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, girls and guys night out, bachelor and bachelorette parties, you get the idea…

Booking is easy as pie. Find out more by clicking here and we’ll make it happen!

Event Styling and Party Decor:
So you looove our session stage dressing, right? Well, we can bring that magic to you and dress up any event or venue with our event styling and party decor services. We can also help you design a spectacular or unconventional theme from scratch if you need help in that department. Contact us to get the party (decor) started.

But wait, there’s more! You can also:
-sign up for our email list here
-subscribe for website updates (click on the link on the bottom right of this page)
-join our Facebook group here or
-follow us on Twitter here, Instagram here or Pinterest here

P.S. Mark your calendars for our next regular session: Saturday January 16 from 3 – 6pm.

Next Session: Saturday October 17 – DARK WORLD featuring burlesque beauty Coco L’Amour, creator and choreographer of Pixie Stixx Burlesque

Burlesque beauty Coco L'Amour, creator and choreographer of Pixie Stixx Burlesque poses for Dr Sketchy’s San Diego October session, Sat Oct 17, 2015 www.drsketchysandiego.com
In celebration of Halloween, come and draw burlesque beauty Coco L’Amour, creator and choreographer of Pixie Stixx Burlesque at our October session:

Saturday October 17
3 – 6pm
at The Merrow

Drawing! Drinks! Contests! Prizes! Music!

Reserve your seat here

$12 in advance
$15 on the day of

At The Merrow
1271 University Ave
San Diego CA 92103 (map)

21 & up

Join us for a for an afternoon inspired by the movie Underworld and all things dark and creepy and enjoy drawing, drinks and a carefully crafted music playlist (plus sweet treats from us!) and compete in silly contests for fabulous prizes!

Reserve your spot now for the best seats

Bring your sketchpads and drawing implements.


Dr. Sketchy’s March 2010 – PRETTY KITTIES

The purr-tastic CABURLESQUE KITTENS posed in their feline finery for our March 2010 session.  Kittens Ruby Allure…

and Chary Cadillac de Vil.

Every kitten needs toys.

Caburlesque Kittens leader and mama kitty Ophelia Kitty joins the mix.

“Incorporate marshmallow peeps contest”

The winner, with a voracious peep..

He gets some peeps, of course, and a shot o’ booze, of course!!

“Draw the model as an actual feline” contest

Ruby and the talented winner!


Time for a catnap.

“Draw the models playing with cat toys” contest

Goodnight kittens! Special thanks to the Caburlesque Kittens, the fabulous Ruby Room, and all of our art monkeys!

Some awesome uploads to our Flickr pool. Upload your own!




Dr. Sketchy’s February 2010 – Luscious Librarians

Shhh…It’s no problem following the rules when the librarians look like this! Hell on Heels Burlesque Revue helped us celebrate Library Lover’s Month. Our first smart and sexy librarian was the bewitching Raven F’Moore.

Raven F’Moore makes the Dewey Decimal System sexy!

Aaron, a brave book lover from the audience, volunteers to be the Human Canvas for our first contest.

Winner by applause-o-meter…will it be the back?

or the front?

The talented winner gets a shot o’ booze!!

Next, the lovely Ginger N. Whiskey and Chou Chou La Rouge get studious!

“Draw the librarians as dominatrix punishing a patron for late fees” contest

The winner got a grab bag of goodies, including that timeless literary classic “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Chou Chou gets a keepsake from our own Tony Magpantay.

Next, Martini Bombshell is ready to catalogue and shelve!

Art Monkeys are asked to draw Martini Bombshell as an Elizabethan lady.

So long everyone! And remember…reading is fundamental!

Dr. Sketchy’s December 2009 – A Star Wars Holiday Special

A festive crowd of art monkeys joined us in December for our STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL! We had funny Star Wars songs, wookiee cookies, drinks, drawing, a cameo by Han Solo and TWO Princess Leias!

San Francisco/San Diego burlesque beauty Mynx D’Meanor started things off as “classic” Leia.

Cosplay cutie and San Diego Star Wars Society member Trista was up next as “slave Leia”, every 70s born boy’s wet dream!

Many worthy art monkey entered our “Draw Trista as a Wookiee” contest, hoping to win a coveted slave Leia Hallmark Keepsake ornament.

The grrrr-tastic winner…

Even galactic princesses need a ciggie break!

Entries in the “Santa Jabba” contest…

The winner!

Han Solo joined his princess onstage for the last pose.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus and all that good stuff! We’ll see you in 2010! Remember to upload scans of your sketches to our FLICKR pool!


Dr. Sketchy’s November 2009 – ART STAR – David Russell Talbott

Hello lovely and cultured art monkeys! In November we hosted our first ART STAR session, focusing on the work of a local artist. We were honored to have David Russell Talbott showing his art and meeting our sketchers while the gorgeous Jolie Goodnight of Hell on Heels Burlesque struck poses inspired by his paintings (Check out the songs used at this session on our Playlists page). Here’s David, looking very arty…

David’s work is inspired by film stars of the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s and images of Americana and consumerism of the 50s. First, Jolie posed as the ultimate 50s icon Marilyn Monroe from David’s painting “Hollywood Eats It’s Own”.

We judge the pre-Thanksgiving “Draw Jolie with a turkey” contest

Jolie gives us a hand and judges the “Draw Jolie as Overdosed Marilyn” contest

Happy Birthday Mr. President!!

Next, Jolie posed as this sexy and dangerous dame from David’s painting “Wake Up and Die”.

Goodbye cruel world!

Thanks to all our beautiful art monkeys, Jolie Goodnight, the Ruby Room and David Russell Talbott! Below is a kick-ass drawing from David presented to your sketchy hosts Lily and Matt, plus some other fruits of this session. Don’t forget to upload scans of your sketches to our FLICKR group HERE!




Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego August 2009 – Tiki Oasis

In August, Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego was honored to be a part of TIKI OASIS, the largest gathering on Earth devoted to all things tiki!

Our models were the gorgeous Ophelia Handful and Mama Bodessa of Sultry Savage Burlesque. Ophelia Handful got the party started.

Two brave art monkeys stepped up to participate in the “Chug a mai tai then draw with your non-dominant hand” contest!

Mama Bodessa takes the stage

Ophelia poses for the “Draw the model being sacrificed to a volcano god” contest.

Ophelia judges depictions of her sacrificial volcano demise

A particularly awesome runner-up

Art monkeys take a booze break and check out the Tiki Oasis classic car show outside

Sugar from a bit o’ burlesque makes a cameo.

Is that Mimi LeMeaux?!

Contestant draw in the “best depiction of the model with a tiki idol head” contest

Some notable entrants

Goodbye Tiki Oasis! Special thanks to Tiki Oasis coordinator Baby Doe and all of her kick ass volunteers! Check out some sketches from our Flickr Sketchy Stream group from Jeff Amante.




Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego May 2009 – THE SAN DIEGO DERBY STARLETTES

It’s time to roll! The San Diego Derby Starlettes (of the San Diego Roller Derby League) posed in a sporty spice session

In today’s match – Velvet Klaw!

Mosquito Bandito!

Rosy Lee Ristaker!

Red Hot Penni!

and Holly Car Brader!

The girls showed their softer side and got all pinup-y

Photographer Monkey Matt was strong armed, I mean, volunteered to be the “Human Canvas” for one of our wacky contests. One art monkey drew the lovely Holly Car Brader on his back, one on his front, and the winner was chosen by applause-o-meter

The worthy runner-up!

The winnah!!

Va va voom!

Special thanks to the San Diego Roller Derby League lovelies from the San Diego Derby Starlettes!  And to the North Park Craft Mafia for donating some cool prizes!

Some awesome sketches from our art monkeys! Check out more in our Flickr photo pool.

dr. sketchys San Diego


San Diego Derby Starlette

Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego April 2009 – Alice in Wonderland Goth-Style

Burlesque beauty and tarot card queen Mija Macabre brought her dark version of Alice in Wonderland to life for our over-capacity crowd of eager art monkeys.

The white rabbit is having a bad day.

Mynx as the “very little hat” mad hatter

The winner of our “Alice with a gothed-out white rabbit” contest

Mija transforms into the Red Queen for the second set.

The Red Queen is eying your neck..

Try sleeping after that fairy tale! Goodnight gentle art monkeys. Until next time.